Top things to do for a vibrant summer entertainment program in Australia


We might be in the depths of February, but that doesn’t mean your summer entertainment program is over! Thanks to our moderate and tropical climate, the warm weather is likely to continue well into March and can see you enjoying sunny days even as we enter Autumn.  Make the most of this bright and cheerful time of year with barbeques, picnics, trips to the beach and more. Need a little inspiration for how to make the most of the next few months? Read our guide filled with top activities to help end the Summer season with a bang!

7 best entertainment things to do in the summers of Australia

  1. They say Barbeque is the other name of Australia. You can almost find them everywhere throughout Australia; either in cricket matches, rugby, tennis or other camping events.
  2. Going outdoors for a picnic with friends and family is a classic activity for many Australians.
  3. Enjoy the sun but don’t forget your sunscreen on the beautiful and pulsating beaches of Australia.
  4. Swimming at the beach or pool is another regular and spectacular affair for the Aussies.
  5. If you’re a lover of sports then you must get into the spirit with many Cricket, Soccer, Tennis, and Rugby matches. Why not join a local team and play yourself?
  6. Get off the beaten track with a trip into the wilderness of Australia. Explore coastal towns, the desert and national parks.
  7. Relax in the warm weather with summer Rock and Pop shows and events.

5 activities to add to your summer entertainment program

Grilling and Barbequing: Having a ‘barbie’ is a popular thing to do, no matter the season in Australia! However, a BBQ is a classic summer lunch or dinner when you’re entertaining and one that most Australians do religiously every summer. Get into the spirit and fire up the barbeque this Summer with some delicious sausages and steaks, especially from Meatsmith if you’re in Victoria!

Ready-made Meals: From stews, curries, sauces to all forms of grilled meat, the in-house chefs at Meatsmith are cooking up highly delicious dishes that can be served at home or any camping or picnic events! Perfect for when you’re entertaining or simply don’t want the fuss of turning on your oven, but still want to enjoy something delicious. Don’t miss out on the aroma-filled lamb shoulders, which are slowly cooked over 8 long hours.

Local Wine Tasting: Host your own wine tasting at your next BBQ dinner or summer picnic! Have everyone bring a bottle of local Australian wine and set-up your own tasting. It’s a great way to support local winemakers as well as familiarize yourself with our great local wine.

Beach Party: When it’s hot in Australia, it’s really hot. And sometimes, only the beach will suffice as the perfect destination for your summer catchup. Turn a picnic in the park into a picnic at the beach in no time! All you need to do is remember to bring a rug, utensils and pack the Esky so everything stays cool.

Cricket: How about raising the stakes of your summer program with a lively and eventful cricket series with your friends? The event can be amplified with an on-spot picnic event and readymade meals/salads that can be ordered online.