2021 Home Design Tips: Should Your Security Screen Doors Be Painted the Same Colour as Your Front Door?

2021 Home Design Tips: Should Your Security Screen Doors Be Painted the Same Colour as Your Front Door?

Upgrading your home security shouldn’t mean compromising the look and style of your home. Gone are the days when security doors only came in a few styles, featured heavy bars and were available in just one boring colour. Nowadays security doors are available in a vast range of different styles and designs to suit your house and aesthetic preference. Installing a security door will not only keep your household and treasured possessions safe, but it will also boost your curb appeal too! So what are the best 2021 home design tips for choosing paint colour for security doors?

2021 Home Design Tips

Each hour three Victorian homes are burgled. Across Australia, roughly 4.5% of properties are broken into each year. Now, is the time to be proactive and ensure that your home and its contents are protected. Installing a security door is a recommended way to avoid your home being targeted by a thief. Always purchase a security door from a reputable company and choose a product that is compliant with Australian Standards testing. Security Doors Melbourne has a huge range of products and offers a free measure-and-quote service as well as professional installation.

When it comes to choosing the design of your security door, you can go for a more minimalist look that will blend in with the façade of your home, or choose a more ornate design such as period-look cast aluminium grille security doors. The doors are custom made in Melbourne and, regardless of what option you choose, it is possible to modify the colour of the door to your preference. Having your security door painted in a certain colour can be impactful and make a huge difference to the way your home looks. So, what colour should you choose and how should you decide? We asked the experts for advice!

How are security doors painted?

To ensure a high-quality durable finish, security doors should be powder coated in a colour of your choice. Powder coating is an advanced method of painting that is more environmentally friendly as well as being longer-lasting than conventional painting. The powder coating is applied to the doors through an electrostatic process as a dry powder and is then treated with heat to make it bind. With powder coating, it is possible to create a harder finish than conventional paint, which provides a greater level of protection to products that will be exposed to the weather, such as exterior doors and window frames as well as ensuring that they’re more resistant to chipping and scratching.

How do professional colour consultants choose exterior paint colours?

Firstly, when it comes to your home, there is no right or wrong, so choose colours that you like! If you feel like being adventurous or crazy just do it! However, if you want to play it safe and you’re not sure what colours to choose, professional colour consultants usually recommend focusing on three shades or colours:

  • A dominant colour, used on the exterior walls;
  • An accent colour, used on the front door; and
  • A trim colour, used downpipes, guttering, window frames and door frames.

Matching your security door colour to your front door colour

Choosing a matching colour for your security door and the front door is an easy way to ensure that your security door blends in and don’t draw attention away from the other features of your home.

Matching your security door colour to the trim colour of your home

Many homeowners choose to match their security door with their chosen trim colour – the paint colour used on guttering, downpipes, window frames and door frames. The trim colour is often white or a shade of white and is chosen to complement the dominant colour. Security doors act visually as a frame for the front door, so the trim colour is a great choice for a security door to enhance this neat framed look.

Choosing a colour for your security door to frame your front door

Depending on what style of security door you choose, the security door can act visually as a frame for the front door. If you’re going for this neat framed look for your façade, you can either match your security door colour to your trim colour or choose a unique, complementary colour for your security door. Unless you’re going for a very bold look, it’s a good idea to go for a shade of colour already within your home’s palette.

I already have a security door; can I get it repainted?

Yes! Jim’s Security Doors offers repairs and servicing and can arrange for your security door to be repainted. For Conveyancer In Brisbane Jim’s is the best option.

 For more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on choosing the right security door for your property, please contact our experienced sales team on 13 15 46.